Sep 13th The Booklet is online here (version Sep 18th). Many thanks to Valerio Agostini who has finalized the booklet as a special issue of Sinfonie Scacchistiche.
Aug 28th Next WCCC will be in Kobe (Japan) from September 22 to 29 2012, Quality Hotel Kobe at Portpia Island. Some links are The Hotel website and the Hotel seen with Google Maps.
Aug 28th Back home! We updated the site with the Solving Tournaments, Composing Tournaments and we have a (very) preliminary booklet, which at the moment includes the result of some composing tournaments. The complete one will be online as soon as possible. Please feel free to point out any mistakes!
Whoever has photographs published online could send me the link that will be posted here.
Aug 25th Most solving tournaments are over, Kacper Piorun won both the WCSC individuals and the Open, while Poland won the WCSC for teams. Complete results are already online in the WFCC website.
Aug 20th Arrivals day! We have two TTs more, from Valey Gurov and Pavlos Moutecidis the traditional Matreska and Metaxa tourneys.
Aug 18th Three new composing TTs are online.
The Ural Problemist TT for selfmate, the Sabra TT for h#2 and the official long composing TT.
Aug 17th The Champagne 2011 TT is online.
The website will be next updated from Jesi! First arrivals are expected tomorrow.
Aug 11th The 23rd Spisska Borovicka is online and the list of participants updated.
Aug 3rd Studies again in the traditional ARVES Jenever Ty.
July 31st Another TT (Bulgarian Wine) is online.
July 27th The Rumanian traditional Tzuica TT is online.
July 15th The Sake and Cachaça announcement is out.
July 3 Thanks to Ilham Alev the first composing tourney for Jesi 2011 is out. See details at the composing page.
July 3 Please remember that the registration deadline was three days ago on June 30th. There are still very few rooms available; it could be easier if you're willing to share a room with someone else
June 26 Registrations are now pouring in! Please consider that there are only very few three-bed rooms still available.
May 19 Thanks to Rachele Agostini for the official logo of the Congress.
List of participants updated.
Apr 20 List of participants updated.
Apr 8 The first list of participants is online.
Feb 14 We are glad to announce that Milan Velimirovic has accepted the task of organizing and directing all solving activities in Jesi.
  Website open!
Please help the organization by booking in time! Info on hotel, dates, prices and contacts here.